Transportation of Dangerous Goods – TDG

The TDG course provides participants with the knowledge to understand the regulations and proper procedures for packaging, handling and transporting dangerous goods.

Who Should Attend?

All persons involved in the packaging, the offering for transport and the actual transporting of dangerous goods. This includes Shippers, Receivers and Carriers.

Course Outline

  • Introduction: Regulations, Certification, Fines & Enforcement
  • Classifications of Dangerous Goods, their Nature & Characteristics
  • Packaging & Labeling of Dangerous Goods
  • Safety Markings
  • Documentation.
  • Dangerous Occurrences Reporting (applying proper methods)
  • How to activate Emergency Response Plans for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods vs. WHMIS
  • Initial Emergency Response.
  • Permits for Equivalent Level of Safety

Course Details

Length: Three and a half hours

Certificate: Valid for three years

Prerequisite: None

This course is a theory ONLY course and is available in a ONLINE format. For the ONLINE format select:
Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

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