Fall Protection Basic Rescue

This course includes both classroom and practical components to provide both the knowledge, and practical skills required to safely rescue a co-worker. The processes taught utilize a simple standardized rescue system, effective and efficient for fall protection rescue.

Any workplace that utilizes fall protection systems must ensure they have a means to quickly rescue a worker that is suspended from their harness, we can provide both the equipment and training to accomplish this. If you need assistance with your rescue plan or you are not sure what rescue equipment you need at your work site, let us provide you with assistance developing your rescue plan and providing you with your own affordable rescue equipment. We will ensure you have the correct equipment, training and procedures to meet OHS requirements.

Course Outline

  • Awareness of applicable Legislation
  • Medical Considerations (Physiology of Suspension)
  • Basic Rope Rescue Principles
  • Rescue Equipment Use and Care
  • Psychology of Rescue
  • Rescue Planning
  • Executing a Basic Rescue
  • Post-Rescue Procedures
  • Optional Self-Rescue from Height
  • Practical Training Included

Course Details

Length: Three to Four hours

Certificate: Valid for two years

Prerequisite: Students must have completed employer-approved Fall Protection training within the last 12 months.

Cost: $195.00

Note: This course exceeds Alberta OHS Code requirements, Part 7 Emergency Preparedness and Response and Part 9, Fall Protection Plan. Certification is valid for 2 years however annual renewal of training is recommended.

$195 + GST

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